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Cheese and Fruit Gifts Are Traditional … For a Reason!


Those of you who know me, know I eschew tradition. Frankly, if you slap the word traditional on something I’m likely to reject it on principle. But sometimes a traditional gift can be just what the doctor ordered, especially if it involves Fruit & Cheese.

Harry and David and Royal Riviera Pears … and Cheese!

You can read everything I have to say about this gift, but as a gift idea, well, here it is:

Harry and David has built a 75-year old business on these pears. You can pair ’em with anything and the gift will be a hit for all but the “brown and beige-only” and Atkins eaters. Cheese of the month clubs are also a most excellent idea, but usually offer too much cheese.

This gift delivers just the right amount of fruit and cheese to be a welcome delivery every month, and it never overstays its welcome. Because really, how could the fruit OR the cheese last more than three days in anyone’s home?!

Buy the Harry & David Pears & Cheese of the Month Club